Chocolate Diamonds


Today people expect more from their jewellery than just great design, they are looking for pieces that are both unique and intrinsically exceptional, this is why Diamonds On Richmond now offer the very exclusive Chocolate Diamond.

Their Chocolate Diamonds have been both sourced and selected from Argyle Mines Western Australia. As the world’s largest supplier of natural coloured diamonds, the Argyle Mines are renowned for producing exquisite coloured diamonds.

Chocolate Diamonds are independently graded and adhere to the highest standards set by the Australian Diamond Grading Laboratory. Independent grading gives you the confidence that you are purchasing a natural diamond at the specific colour, clarity and cut grade that you have been promised, one that is completely conflict free.

Along with natural Pink Diamonds, chocolate diamonds are the only coloured diamonds whose hue and value does not result from impurities in the stone, rather the colour originates from a process known as ‘Plastic deformation and reformation’. 

During plastic deformation, while in the ground, heat and pressure severely alter the crystalline structure so that it completely loses the original parallel structure of white rough diamond and reforms into a freeform crystalline structure as it cools. Chocolate Diamonds are colour graded against the Argyle Colour Grading Scale, ranging from C1 to C7, with C1 being the lightest stones and C7 the darkest.

To enquire about Chocolate diamonds visit Diamonds On Richmond, 98 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland or view some of our Chocolate Diamond Collection here.